So Bad It Hurts

I like bad fic and I cannot lie.

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Anonymous asked: I wish relationship worked like fanfiction. I see you. I like your face. I also like your personality. We get on. We kiss. You like my face. We get together. We do shit. It's cute. Not I like your face and personality. We get on. I have no clue if you like me. You mention having a crush on me. I manage to choke on a chip and ruin the moment. You find it endearing. I do not manage to regain oxygen in time to tell you I have a crush on you too before it becomes awkward. We remain friends.

Y’all seriously need to just tell people if you got a crush on them.  It’ll be okay, I promise.

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sapphire-zebra asked: Hiya. My friend and I read bad fanfics on the weekend, and our snarky attitude towards them have sky rocketed so much that we started reviewing some together. We want to open a tumblr just for fun. What would be your advice to someone who wants to run a bad fanfic account?

Have fun with it.  

Don’t get nasty.

Only read badfics that interest you; it’s no fun if you try to make yourself read stuff that’s bad but you just don’t care about.

Listen to all criticism.  Try to remain calm about it.

If you make a mistake, own up to it, apologize, and don’t do it again.

Have fun with it.

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"Ally, I’m seventeen and you’re fourteen. I have a life and friends of my own. I’m not taking my baby sister back to school shopping", Natalie said. Poor Ally. Natalie’s always ditching Ally for her friends.

"But you’re the only one that can go with me! Dad’s at some stupid convention, and Mom’s (insert mom details. Is she alive? on business? other?)", Ally said sounding desperate.

y’all, this is why you proofread


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(look I’m posting again and yes I’m still reading Austin & Ally fic and you can’t stop me even though I watched like an episode and a half of it and didn’t like it at all)

But I’m glad that it happened because that moment was HUGE! It was when I first discovered romantic feelings towards my best friend. I’ve kept it to myself since then, but I also vowed that I’d be her first everything. Her first friend, kiss, and boyfriend. Everything! And I plan to reach my goal of being her first and securing her as mine.

Can I just put it out there that this is a really gross way of wanting to date someone?

It’s cool to be like “Ah!  I want to be her first love!  That would be so cool to get to experience that amazing feeling of falling in love together and knowing it’s completely novel for both of us!!!!” because it’s okay to think of your first love as special and to want it to be special but like

calling her your “goal” and “securing her”



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quantumlocked-nightfury replied to your post: “Hi Mama Yuzu! First off I’d like to say that I really love your blog. Secondly I need some help. Now I used to write all the time, and I was good at it! But lately I haven’t been able to write at all, not even with prompts. I used to be really passionate but now I find myself becoming bored after a few lines of writing. Do you have any tips?”:
when I can’t make myself write, I go back and edit things I’ve already written and that usually gets me thinking enough about writing and wanting to improve or inspires me enough that I just open a new document and type away

Worth trying too!  I hate editing with a fiery burning passion (which is why my b-f posts are rambly and weird) but this may work for you, as all people write and work in different ways!

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super-sandri asked: What are your opinions on AU fanfics set in the real world? I'm considering setting one fic in Vancouver. I don't live there, but it's where I work and I commute there all the time. And does it could as research when you go to a certain part of the city and headcanon what the characters would do there on the spot?

I love real world AU fics!

And yes, I think so.  Getting to see things first hand is the best kind of research.

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Anonymous asked: Hi Mama Yuzu! First off I'd like to say that I really love your blog. Secondly I need some help. Now I used to write all the time, and I was good at it! But lately I haven't been able to write at all, not even with prompts. I used to be really passionate but now I find myself becoming bored after a few lines of writing. Do you have any tips?


Maybe you’re just burnt out.  Take a break.  Read some good books, maybe re-read some of your favorites.  Hang out with your friends.  Just take a few weeks or a month or whatever and spend time not thinking about “Oh God I need to write something.” 

As I told one of the last askers, writing for fun should be fun.  If it feels like a drag, take some time to yourself until writing becomes enjoyable again.

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beginningtolie asked: It's definitely a thing that people you're attracted to smell better! But it's actually more of a case that you're attracted to them partially *because* they smell good to you, particularly if you're female (males, as a whole, tend to not choose their partners based on smell as much as females do)! It's do with the make-up of your genes (MHC coding) :)


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Anonymous asked: Mama Yuzu i hugged a person that I liked and like I noticed how they smelt and they actually smelt like cinnamon like they had a cinnamon scent I thought that only happened in bad fanfictions this is the first person I've noticed the smell of and I am so confused help

You need to find out what they use to smell like cinnamon so I can buy it.

I personally do tend to notice the scent of people I am attracted to more than I do from other people.  I have no idea if this is just a psychological thing or what.  

Also, now that I work retail and I deal with a lot of people in fairly close spaces pretty much every day, there are lots of people who do smell good!  It’s okay to describe how a character smells, just try to not get carried away.  

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