So Bad It Hurts

I like bad fic and I cannot lie.

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scarlet-rosepetals asked: Assuming you're intimately familiar with My Immortal at this point (which given the blog I take it you are), do you have any tips for someone who's going to be cosplaying Ebony? I want to be so painfully in character that it causes those who've even heard of the fic in passing to collapse in a laughing fit.

I’d go with the character as portrayed in the My Immortal webseries- obvious bright-colored hair extensions, too much eyeliner/eyeshadow, Hot Topic-esque corsets with really bad lace, maybe some striped stockings.  

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Anonymous asked: Okay, I'm just gonna come out and ask, how do you say "this character had giant boobs" without sounding stupid, offensive, or like you're body shaming. Big breasts are usually pretty noticeable and I want to be able to say it without sounding dumb.


You could say they are busty?  You’re right, it is often the kind of thing that people notice about someone pretty quickly.

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ukulelie asked: dear mama yuzu, today i began a conversation with a stranger by telling them i was looking up barack obama/mitt romney slash fiction. i felt you might be proud (or at the very least amused).

how did they take it?

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Anonymous asked: What does ENOBY mean, as a tag? I understand it's a character from a terrible fic, but what kind of post is it used for?

It’s my “here be a Mary Sue” tag.

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Anonymous asked: You said something before about Asian BB creams. What is your opinion of them?

I’ve never tried any on my face, unfortunately!  I need really full coverage and have super oily skin and BB creams don’t seem like they’d do the trick.

However, I’ve heard great things about the Skin79 stuff you can get on Amazon.  It’s not super expensive, so it may be worth the try if you’re looking for something relatively lightweight.

The American BB creams I’ve tried I hated!  My foundation standby is Revlon Colorstay Oily/Combination forumula in Buff.

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Anonymous asked: I wish relationship worked like fanfiction. I see you. I like your face. I also like your personality. We get on. We kiss. You like my face. We get together. We do shit. It's cute. Not I like your face and personality. We get on. I have no clue if you like me. You mention having a crush on me. I manage to choke on a chip and ruin the moment. You find it endearing. I do not manage to regain oxygen in time to tell you I have a crush on you too before it becomes awkward. We remain friends.

Y’all seriously need to just tell people if you got a crush on them.  It’ll be okay, I promise.

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sapphire-zebra asked: Hiya. My friend and I read bad fanfics on the weekend, and our snarky attitude towards them have sky rocketed so much that we started reviewing some together. We want to open a tumblr just for fun. What would be your advice to someone who wants to run a bad fanfic account?

Have fun with it.  

Don’t get nasty.

Only read badfics that interest you; it’s no fun if you try to make yourself read stuff that’s bad but you just don’t care about.

Listen to all criticism.  Try to remain calm about it.

If you make a mistake, own up to it, apologize, and don’t do it again.

Have fun with it.

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"Ally, I’m seventeen and you’re fourteen. I have a life and friends of my own. I’m not taking my baby sister back to school shopping", Natalie said. Poor Ally. Natalie’s always ditching Ally for her friends.

"But you’re the only one that can go with me! Dad’s at some stupid convention, and Mom’s (insert mom details. Is she alive? on business? other?)", Ally said sounding desperate.

y’all, this is why you proofread


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